January 16, 2012

Why i love to shoot...

So today i decided to read up about my camera. I know, shocker. But i am sooo happy that i did! It was so useful to me! (Who would have thought?) I learned all about aperture and choosing focusing points- and i am so glad that i did. I used my 50mm which i have not used for a while, but i know that is such a good aperture lens! I used to hate it because it would not focus for so long and its a little harder to manual focus on that lens. Now that i used focus points and iso it helped me soo much and I'm so excited to figure out more! So go read a book! I learned that instead of blurring out things in photoshop i need to learn to do it now. Instead of saying, i'll fix it later i need to learn to fix it now! And I'm soo excited to see where it will take me!

oh ps what do you think of the new logo?

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