January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!

happy 2012! I'm starting the new year with a completly new life! Off to school for me! new school, new state, new home, ha ha i wish i had a new camera! I'm excited to start this new year! but I'm really  sad the old one is erased :( i wish we could have kept it to look back on!!!
well I hope that your new year is great and I send my love from Rexburg!

Happy New Year!

1/365: Happy New Year!! I am really gonna try my very best to do a 365 this year!!

Fresh Start!

Hey guys!!!


I am going to really try to stick with this 365 project this year! I just cleared all the photos from last year so we can start new! Abby and Kate, you guys did great, if you wanna do another year I'll try to be more helpful and supportive!! Maybe we can get together once in a while and shoot together! In my opinion it's just best to shoot what you feel that day, so I'm not going to do themes or anything. But......if it gets tough or you guys wanna choose themes, you can! :) I have a couple things to ask:

  • When you post, set the image size to large or extra large please! I wanna see your photos big!!! 
  • Add your name as the label before you post! That way we can look at your pictures individually!
  • If anyone else wants to join the project, let me check out their pics and see if we can add them!
  • If you ever have any photography questions or just wanna chat, don't be a stranger! 

I have some big ideas for the new year so I'll keep you all posted!! If you have any questions at all, feel free to text, you have my number! 

Anyone else reading this who has questions, you can email me at bkr22@live.com!! 

Good luck everything you have planned for the new year!!