January 19, 2012


aww, sorry guys i'm so bad at this!
today i walked up to the taylor gardens, which is 15 minutes through the crazy wind,
all because the pictures there  were going to be SO WORTH IT! and yep my camera battery was dead! ha ha story of my life! so this is me studing,the other story of my life now! I know i've been lame lately, but i decided to post just to prove i'm still trying!

Long time, no post...

I feel bad. like really bad. i know i make up dumb excuses every time, but sometimes its just hard to take a picture every day! But i going to get better! With the new semester, i have been so busy! Anyways i took some catch up photos today. The weather was gloomy, and i didn't know what to shoot so i focused on the branches for today.
i thought these branches were awesome and twisty

oh and reflections.

Brooke and Kate where have you been? haha jk i have been gone to! Lets all post soon!

{Love, Abby}