July 3, 2012

I miss doing this!

I haven't been on blogger foreverrrr and i was just thinking how much i miss this blog! I feel like i never go out and do photography just for fun or when I'm bored anymore, i only do it when people ask me to! I hope you guys are all doing well and having a fun summa! I definitely am and i'm hoping that i will start taking more and more photos! Xoxo, Abby

February 23, 2012

February 21, 2012

What are we doing?

Ok so i have still been taking some pictures but i haven't posted them for a while. I want to know if you guys still want to carry on with this blog? Its just me and kate posting and i know i don't always post... i don't think anyone does every day. I think we should all shoot together but I'm not sure if i want to keep doing this blog? I feel like no one reads it and there just isn't any inspiration. Thoughts?

February 20, 2012

holding onto her heart

this is just a little drawing i did the the lyrics of I've got this friend by one of my:C

February 14, 2012

Valentines day 2012...

I had a few pictures... so go check out my pictures on my other blog!

February 13, 2012

Excited for hearts day!

So excited for valentines day! And i love how this turned out, i've been learning how to work my aperture better!

one is true

February 11, 2012


Sorry i haven't posted took this on thursday and then went to dance till 10 and was to tired to post haha

I took this yesterday and LOVED the result. It looks like double exposure almost and i thought it turned out awesome! Im off to my condo till tomorrow so hopefully i get some good pictures!

February 8, 2012

Give me your tired

I think the inscription on the statue of liberty is Beautiful! I think my mom emulates this well... ha ha
it goes like this
give me your tired, your poor
your huddled masses yearning to breath free
the wreatched refues of your teaming shores
send these , the homeless and tempest tossed to me
I lift my lamp beside the golden door


So i have been FAILING at this!!! I'm truly honestly so so sorry!!! it's been a bit of a crazy week and stuff but i am going to try harder so you do the same


I feel like the energy on this blog has been really down lately... I feel like even when i do post I'm the only one! Brooke, Kate? We need some inspiration! Are we all going to keep going or should we quit the blog? thoughts please

February 7, 2012

Some things just don't work out...

ok so did anyone else see the moon tonight? It looked amazing. I tried to get it through the branches but everything is just to dark and i hate using a flash so blah. It didn't work but not everything can! I will try better tomorrow!

February 6, 2012


February 5, 2012

Farm and Spring

so yesterday me and my friends went to the farm again and i got some cool images! None of these are edited and i thought they turned out awesome! happy Super Bowl sunday today everyone! It has looked like spring lately, this is not edited either. The skies have been so blue!

February 4, 2012

February 1, 2012

ummm.... I need an excuse why i haven't been posting?

I've been editing a lot? I've been sick? I don't really have one besides that i am a slacker. So today you get a movie of me doing my tuck that i got today :) I just started taking at rah a month ago, because my other tumbling place didn't let me work on backhandsprings or anything. The first week i got my round off backhandspring and today i got my tuck! Its not the best yet but its pretty high so hopefully i will be able to get it on wood! I love tumbling! Sorry i have been a slacker...................... i will take some pictures tomorrow!

{love, abby}

veins I

January 31, 2012

January 30, 2012


The sunsets lately have been amazing! No editing, i think they are awesome!

January 29, 2012

When did i get so bad at posting?

Wow. Im bad at posting. haha I'm sorry! Well i have a few pics to make up for it :)

I took this the other day and just didn't have time to upload it...
So today after church my neighbor came over to my house. She is my best friends mom and my "BFFE" so i was so excited to see her! She told me that her son and his fioncaes (cant spell) photographer forgot that he was supposed to take their engagements and he wouldn't answer his phone so she asked me if i wanted to! It was soo much fun! We went to 3 different locations but i have been editing them just for a bit tonight so you only get to see the first one! Let me know whatcha think!

{love, abby}

January 24, 2012

The difference of a day.

K so i know i didn't post yesterday, i'm so sorry! I was really busy, i even took a photo i just never got around to posting it! haha so i took another picture of branches today and i thought it was CRAZY how much the weather has changed even since yesterday! welcome to utah haha :)

so snowy..

and now its sunny!

January 23, 2012

January 22, 2012

January 21, 2012

bring me through

Out of place.

I went to got take some shots in the rain today and saw this leaf, drowning in water. I think this might be one of my favorite images

The frozen earth receives the sun

today we got a tiny bit of sun, i fell like one of these leaves, frozen gladly soaking up the sun. ohh it did my sould good! sometimes you just need a little sun!

January 20, 2012

Playing with the sun...

at first these pictures were a joke but i ended up loving how this one turned out! This is my beautiful best friend

January 19, 2012


aww, sorry guys i'm so bad at this!
today i walked up to the taylor gardens, which is 15 minutes through the crazy wind,
all because the pictures there  were going to be SO WORTH IT! and yep my camera battery was dead! ha ha story of my life! so this is me studing,the other story of my life now! I know i've been lame lately, but i decided to post just to prove i'm still trying!

Long time, no post...

I feel bad. like really bad. i know i make up dumb excuses every time, but sometimes its just hard to take a picture every day! But i going to get better! With the new semester, i have been so busy! Anyways i took some catch up photos today. The weather was gloomy, and i didn't know what to shoot so i focused on the branches for today.
i thought these branches were awesome and twisty

oh and reflections.

Brooke and Kate where have you been? haha jk i have been gone to! Lets all post soon!

{Love, Abby}

January 16, 2012

my weekend ( sorry i didn't take good photo pics

so i took a trip back to utah ( photo from the bus)
                                                 because it was this  cute girls Birthday :D

and my mom bought me my dream laptop skin :D

now i'm back in  Rexburg :D

Why i love to shoot...

So today i decided to read up about my camera. I know, shocker. But i am sooo happy that i did! It was so useful to me! (Who would have thought?) I learned all about aperture and choosing focusing points- and i am so glad that i did. I used my 50mm which i have not used for a while, but i know that is such a good aperture lens! I used to hate it because it would not focus for so long and its a little harder to manual focus on that lens. Now that i used focus points and iso it helped me soo much and I'm so excited to figure out more! So go read a book! I learned that instead of blurring out things in photoshop i need to learn to do it now. Instead of saying, i'll fix it later i need to learn to fix it now! And I'm soo excited to see where it will take me!

oh ps what do you think of the new logo?

January 15, 2012

Cream Puffs= Amazing

my friends and i ate sooo many of these yesterday. we just got the cream puffs from costco out of the freezer and drizzled chocolate and powdered sugar over it. they were so good and we were bored so we decided to make them look pretty to :) more foodography for you!

January 14, 2012

Perfect weekend.

END OF TERM!!! Finally, i had such a good weekend so far! And it doesn't stop till tuesday! Sorry i haven't been posting... so i will catch up.
Yesterday i went shopping with my girls at gateway! so fun... these are the band on my new sweats that i looooove!
today i took some more shots under my deck. with rain dripping. i know your probably sick of it. oh well get used to it.
ok so this one kinda looks a LOT like the one i posted a few days ago except the editing is better and the focus is way better plus my shutter speed was faster... and it was just a better picture. i love it so much.

{love, abby}

January 13, 2012

January 12, 2012


January 11, 2012


so just like brooke i have no time. But anyways today i decided to play foodographer during dinner... the results weren't my best and i know this looks discusting but it was really good! Blah the lighting is terrible though, sorry!

no time


I hate modeling for myself, but I also was really wanting to do a face not nature today, and I'm new in town so Me it was...ha ha

January 10, 2012


chinese buffet

think i might quit the 365.