January 3, 2012

Hi I'm Abby, and i looooove to take photos!

Ok so this is kinda a random post but i wanted you guys to meet me! If there are any new readers or people joining the project, I'm Abby! So I wrote a little post about me :)
I am 14 years old, (8th grade, blahhh) and i have been doing photography for about a year. I participated in a 365 last year and LOVED it, my photography got so much better from doing this project!

PS: Brooke i would like this photo at the bottom please, thanks!

I am literally always taking pictures, i take my camera everywhere! Including my computer :) haha
I shoot with a canon rebel xs and i have 3 lenses,
50 mm 1.8
and my kit lens 18-25
I love to be with my friends, we have so much fun together! This is me and my best friend Eliza!
One cool fact about me. This summer i went to africa :) this is me and my bro just chillin with our african peep edu.
I take lots of pictures with friends, and of them. They are my favorite models :)
I usually don't have people to take pictures around so i just go outside. I take lots of nature pictures so sorry if they get kinda boring. this was from the sunset tonight, it isn't even edited. Ahh it was so pretty!
If you ever want to talk to me, stalk me, look at my photos, or anything else you can add me on Facebook, comment on my blog, or email me!

Anyways, i hope you got to know me a little bit better after that post, this years going to be a blast!

{love, abby}

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